Time-lapse video shows overnight repairs of Auckland's Harbour Bridge

Auckland motorway's congestion has now eased as two more lanes reopened on the Harbour Bridge after overnight repairs on Tuesday.

A time-lapse video posted by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) shows 7 hours of successful repairs by a team of engineers.

NZTA temporarily repaired the strut that was damaged when it was hit by a truck last Friday, closing off two lanes on each side.

"We had perfect weather conditions on the Harbour Bridge overnight and so progress was much faster than we had hoped," Brett Gliddon of Waka Kotahi NZTA says.

"There was very little wind, good temperatures and visibility which meant the team were able to get the new section installed and carry out the testing all in one night."

Gliddon says while this is good news, this temporary solution means loads on the bridge will still need to be managed carefully.

"In this temporary configuration, the bridge is still not fully operational," he says.

"Two lanes remain closed, and motorists should still expect queues and delays crossing the bridge at peak times."

NZTA is now working on a permanent repair of the damage to eventually re-open all lanes on the Harbour Bridge, however, it will take some time and is still weeks away.