Auckland resident 'extremely frustrated' after Mongrel Mob members speed down street all weekend

A weekend of Mongrel Mob members continually speeding in cars and motorbikes up and down a residential Auckland street has left one local angry.

The Māngere resident, who has asked to remain anonymous, told Newshub about 25 motorbikes and cars sped up and down her street on Friday and Saturday where "a lot of older people, young families and very sick people" live. She described the weekend as "really disruptive".

"How would you like 25 motorbikes going up and down your street?" the resident said.

"You can't stop them congregating but it was ongoing."

She believes the gang members were there for a meeting.

What incensed her was the gang members doing "70-80km/h" in a 50km/h zone.

"It's the speed really, and why aren't the police stopping it... They shouldn't be allowed to break the law because they're the Mongrel Mob."

The noise from the gang members was so intense at times that the resident said "sometimes your house shakes".

A video the resident sent Newshub shows six people on motorcycles racing up the street, with one car forced to pull over to allow the bikies to pass.

She said traffic was stopped multiple times because motorcycles would take up the width of the street, not just one lane.

"They're having a gathering, so our lives are disrupted?"

Mongrel Mob members have sped up and down her street in the past, but it's never been "this bad" before, she said.

The resident said police know about the speeding and are monitoring it, but she doesn't understand how Mongrel Mob members can "get away" with breaking the law when "we would not be able to".

"They're lawless, the laws don't concern them and I don't think that's right. That attitude should be addressed. People can meet in groups all over the place… it's the lawlessness that lets them get away with it."

She ultimately would like to see the Mongrel Mob members be forced to follow the road rules.

"They're not menacing, they're just speeding… it's extremely frustrating and annoying."

Police confirmed on Sunday that three gang members were stopped in Hamilton for traffic violations while on their way home from Auckland. It is currently unclear whether the two events are connected.