Coronavirus: Six new COVID-19 cases in MIQ, including a border worker

The Ministry of Health on Saturday reported six new cases of COVID-19 in New Zealand, five in managed isolation and quarantine (MIQ) facilities and one a border worker who has already been staying in managed isolation.

The worker is a close contact of an existing case in the November cluster.

"This person was self-isolating at home from November 7, and chose to transfer to managed isolation on November 11," the ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

"They had a negative day five test and are now confirmed as a case today after returning a positive test at around day 12."

They're staying at the isolation facility in Wellington for now. All their close contacts have so far tested negative. 

Of the new cases picked up in MIQ, two arrived from Qatar on November 17, one from Germany via Qatar and Australia on November 10, and two from the US on November 14. 

Another four people have recovered, leaving 42 active cases.

The total number of confirmed cases is now 1663. 

The Ministry of Health praised Kiwis getting tested - more than 7000 were done on Friday.

"This level of testing as well as the prompt identification, tracing, testing and isolation of close contacts provides reassurance that this cluster is contained at this stage.

"The ministry continues to encourage anyone who visited a location of interest during the relevant time period for the November cluster to get tested - to ensure we can quickly identify anyone who may have been infected."

The ministry also urged Kiwis to keep scanning using the COVID Tracer app. There have been 121 million scans now from its 2.3 million users.

"Please continue to use the app to scan into locations displaying a QR code - you never know when you will need to call on your contact tracing diary. The more every person scans, the safer we will all be."