Kiwis watch Biden v Trump from afar as experts ponder US Election's big implications for New Zealand

More than 10,00km away in little old New Zealand, American expats piled into bars to watch the US election play out on big-screen TVs.

Kiwis Newshub spoke to were more apathetic - but the results could still have big implications here.

American flags, American television and a map of its 50 United states - everything you need for a US Election bash - though this party is a long way from Washington.

Election coverage was appointment viewing at this Wellington bar, hosted by the US Embassy, with expats watching how their votes played out on the big screen.

"We had over 750, if I'm not mistaken, people vote from New Zealand in our election," said US Ambassador Scott Brown.

It was a similar scene in Auckland, where Americans tuned into the coverage at the Fox Bar - though no-one was wanting to jinx their favourite too early in the day.

While US expats have an obvious stake in the outcome, not every Kiwi is as invested.

"Well I care, because they've got a lunatic in charge," one person told Newshub.

"No, I don't care," added another.

A third said they cared because "America is important to the whole world".

So what will either Presidency mean for New Zealand?

"Joe Biden's worldview is much similar - much more akin to that of New Zealand - whereas Mr Trump has a worldview which is quite distant from ours," said international relations expert Robert Patman.

It's a worldview that our former ambassador to the US says the Trump Administration has shunned

"The half-in, half-out position of the United States in the World Trade Organization, the withdrawal of TPP - I mean it goes on and on and on," Tim Groser said.

The TPP is the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal critical to New Zealand, which Biden has indicated he would back.

"Frankly my view is that our Government here will find it, of course, a darn sight easier to deal with a Biden administration," Groser added.

New Zealand politicians will no doubt be among those keeping a close eye on election results.