Napier residents assess the damage as the rain eases

Napier's evacuation centre is bracing for a second wave of displaced residents, who are currently staying with friends and family.

The centre's already hosting 120 people and the council's looking for longer-term solutions, as more and more homes are deemed uninhabitable after Monday's flash flood.

At Daniel Bryant's Napier property, floods dumped a giant boulder at his backdoor.

"There must have been a bit of movement, this rock came flying down - hit the rail, if the rail hadn't been there it probably would've gone through the window," he told Newshub.

The boulder is one of two now occupying his courtyard and a slip also brought down trees and other debris.

Bryant said he was "pretty shaken" when it occurred and is now waiting for cleanup crews to arrive on Friday, to try and clear some of the debris.

Assessment teams have spent the last three days surveying 384 homes, deeming 67 uninhabitable.

One of the homes assessed on Thursday is Freeman White's, who narrowly escaped being hit by a large slip.

"I basically survived by the skin of my teeth, I don't know.. It wasn't my time to go," he said.

White's now one of many Napier residents who can't return home and the number is expected to grow as those currently staying with family and friends seek shelter.

"We're expecting a second wave, if you like, of those who have been displaced but are currently managing themselves," Natasha McKee from the evacuation centre told Newshub.

But those displaced can't stay there forever so the council's looking at longer-term solutions. However, the Government's contribution of $100,000 won't go far.

The cleanup will be huge and expensive - Insurer IAG's already received 1200 claims.

Natalie Hazelwood will be one of those putting in an insurance claim.

She lost her house in the Christchurch earthquake and now, the contaminated floodwater in her Napier home has claimed every piece of furniture.

"It's almost like I've been dealt a really terrible hand, you kinda go into that self-pity mode of why me, and have I been bad to the universe,' she said.

The sun shone down on Napier on Thursday as residents hope things will start looking brighter.