Weather: Warning of dangerous fire conditions as Canterbury temperatures soar

Temperatures are soaring in the South Island, leading to increased fire risk, with Canterbury due to move to a restricted season on Wednesday night.

MetService says temperatures are expected to reach 27C in Christchurch on Wednesday. While drizzle is forecast for Thursday bringing some reprieve, 25C and 29C are expected on Friday and Saturday respectively.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand Canterbury region manager Paul Henderson is warning people to stay alert. The warning comes after two fires broke out near Christchurch's Port Hills within days of each other - the latest on Tuesday.

"This heat, combined with the dry and windy conditions, increases the fire danger and risk of a wildfire," Henderson said.

"There have already been three significant fires across Canterbury this fire season - Lake Pūkaki, Lake Ōhau, and last weekend's fire in Hillsborough on the Port Hills. 

If it's hot, Henderson said people should undertake activities such as mowing and grinding early in the morning or later in the evening when it's cooler.

"Please don't let off fireworks in Canterbury over summer - it's too risky with the heat and extreme dryness in the area.

"In these conditions a firework, or spark from machinery, could easily start a wildfire which would get quickly out of control."

Canterbury moves to a restricted season at 11:59pm on Wednesday permits may be required to light a fire. People can assess the risk before lighting a fire here