Outraged Auckland Mayor Phil Goff calls on police to find motorcyclists who illegally rode through streets, blocked motorways

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff is taking his call for justice against hundreds of rowdy motorcyclists a step further, writing to police urging them to find the unruly group.

A group hooned unregistered dirt bikes on Auckland roads at the weekend, videos of which emerged online.

One video showed the group blocking a part of a motorway as riders pulling wheelies and doing burnouts, filling the road with smoke.

Goff says someone could have been killed.

"If it was one person you'd say 'it's just an idiot' but when you have a big group of people, that starts to represent mass lawlessness," Goff told Newshub.

"I don't think we can tolerate that and that's why, today, I have written to the New Zealand police saying, 'look, we really need to follow up on that' - it's not the sort of thing that we as a community, as a city, are going to tolerate."

Goff said the incident caused massive anger in the community.

"We've asked for public cooperation in this because there will be a lot of people out in the community that knows the background and the identity of the people that are riding in this way.

"This is not acceptable behaviour - it will result in deaths.

"We want action as quickly as possible and we can help the police to do that."

National Police spokesperson Simeon Brown, of Pakuranga, also urged anyone with information to contact authorities.

"These illegal motorcyclists have been spending time in east Auckland over the weekend terrorising motorists and blocking intersections," he said on Facebook.

A Sensible Sentencing Trust spokesperson also expressed their shock at the incident on Twitter. 

"The safety of the public is demonstrably at risk and police need the power to pursue, arrest these idiots, and hold them to account."

Police said they were aware of the incidents and are following up identified offences.