Wellington houses saved from demolition and given away for free

Benjamin Johnson is offering a free house.
Benjamin Johnson is offering a free house. Photo credit: Benjamin Johnson / Facebook

A Wellington property development company is set to give away a second house for free on social media.

Former owner Benjamin Johnson successfully passed on a two-bedroom home last week, after the Faisandier Group agreed to try and help people struggling in the market.

"Our lovely little two-bedroom house has found a wonderful new home and family - yay!" Johnson wrote in a post on Facebook.

"We now have a second house in Naenae to give away freely on behalf of the developers, Faisandier Group. Same conditions as before."

While the building comes for free, relocation costs and having the required land is the responsibility of the group or individual.

Johnson describes the developers as "wonderful, decent people" who are "willing to let us give the house to someone who needs it".

The second Naenae house is significantly bigger than the first, with the estimated cost being $100,000 to move it.

In a previous post, Johnson said the group had purchased sections to build brand-new townhousing, which would have seen the houses otherwise demolished.

The property has four bedrooms, two bathrooms and is labelled as a "very good investment in a large future-proofed family home".

Anybody interested is encouraged to email benjamin.endeavours@gmail.com