$2 million worth of classic cars go up for auction

On Sunday $2 million worth of classic cars went under the hammer at Webb's.

Vintage cars from the 1930s to some of the fastest in New Zealand were all up for grabs - but you had to dig deep to compete with the asking prices.

There was every car one could think of - Cadillacs to Jags, Ferraris to Rolls Royces, and cars from the 1930s to racing Minis. 

Webb's head of collectors' cars Caolan McAleer said some of the vehicles are "really rare and unique".

"Price point starts at $10,000 right up to $400,00 so whatever your wallet or credit card limit you can come here."

One car stood out above the rest - the 1983 Porsche Ray Williams used to reach the 1996 outright land speed record.

After decades of ownership, he decided it was time to slow down and sell. Williams felt sad to part ways: "Haha yeah, it's going to be a wrench. I've got family and friends here to see it off."

The most expensive car on offer was a 1970 Ford Falcon which ended up selling for $414,000.

There was standing room only as 300 people crammed into the auction hall. Others from around the country and the world bid on the phone and online.

In the end, just eight of the 24 cars on offer sold, for a total of $600,000.

As for Ray Williams' car, it went unsold meaning he can hang on to the decades of record-making memories for a little longer.