Australia deports teenage boy alone to New Zealand

Australia's government has deported a teenage boy to New Zealand under its hardline immigration policy.

Newshub understands the boy is only around 15 and was sent back by himself last week.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, unhappy about the decision to deport the boy, only found out about it on Monday afternoon.

"Within the group of 501s that we had returned recently, there was what we considered a minor in that group," she said.

"I have a specific objection to the fact that we have people being deported from Australia who we consider to be Australians."

A source who was on the flight back to New Zealand noticed the boy on the plane.

He told Newshub that he thought the boy was a guard's son, as they wouldn't deport a child.

He said he spoke to him briefly when they were about to land and that he was freaking out.

At this stage, little is known about the boy or where he's staying, but all deportees have been subject to managed isolation in Auckland.

Australia deports teenage boy alone to New Zealand
Photo credit: 9News

Oranga Tamariki says it has been working with relevant authorities in both Australia and New Zealand to support the boy's arrival into the country.

They confirmed he is currently in a managed isolation facility and is receiving support while he is in quarantine.

Due to the boy's age and privacy considerations, they declined to comment further.

"The fact that a 15-year-old child has been put on a place with convicted criminals, regardless of the policy, is just wrong," says Matthew Tukaki, executive director of the Māori Council.

"My question is where is the family? Were they deported alone? Were they deported without any support and who are they being deported back into the care of?"

The legality of the move is also under question, and Ardern is trying to find out if it was legal.

She says she won't be ringing Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison since he already knows her position.