Have your say: Should a lane on Auckland's Harbour Bridge be converted for bikes?

  • 22/03/2021
The Skypath has been delayed due to technical issues.
The Skypath has been delayed due to technical issues. Photo credit: Getty Images

A cycling group is calling for a lane of the Auckland Harbour Bridge to be converted for bikes after the Skypath was delayed due to technical issues. 

Chair of Bike Auckland Barb Cuthbert said the delay is "hugely disappointing". 

"There was huge enthusiasm...  in 2007 when Skypath Trust took off with their enormous 'Get Across' campaign, that was powered by the people." 

"That was fabulous and then Waka Kotahi was told in 2018 that they had to build it. So they came along with their new design. They build roads and bridges so we had reason to believe that if they say something can be built, it can be. But that turned out not to be the case which I've got to say is seriously disappointing."

She said while a long term solution is desperately needed, in the short term cyclists need to be given a lane on the Harbour Bridge to use. 

Do you think that a lane of the Harbour Bridge should be converted into a cycle lane? 

Disclaimer: This straw poll is not scientific and closes after 24 hours.