Witness describes 'terrifying' car crash in Christchurch where driver ploughed through fence, abandoned baby in back seat

A witness has described a "terrifying" car crash in the Christchurch suburb of Parklands, where the driver appeared to flee from the scene and abandon a baby in the back seat. 

The incident was caught on CCTV, and police say a family member did eventually rescue the child, but not for several minutes.

The footage shows the Honda Odyssey losing control and ploughing through a suburban fence at about 10am on Thursday. The driver then runs from the scene.

A number of witnesses appeared shocked following the incident. Eventually, a male, who police confirmed to Newshub is a family member, retrieved a baby from the backseat.

A witness, who has asked not to be named, told Newshub the whole saga was "terrifying".

"A car was coming from this corner here approaching this turn way too fast, and the front wheels locked up and it just went straight into the fence," he says.

"He probably hit that fence at about 65km/h. He jumped out very quickly and looked at me and said someone's chasing me. And as that happened, he ran off that way, and another car pulled up."

Police say they are continuing with their investigations into the matter.