Duncan Garner: I support the Auckland biking advocates who forced Harbour Bridge lane closures

OPINION: Well done, good on ya.

That's what you get when you delay, frustrate, won't engage, and won't get on with it and build a cycleway or cycle lane across the Auckland Harbour Bridge.

I'm talking about the decision of more than 1000 cyclists, Auckland's new "anarchists", who didn't let the law, a rickety gate and a few police officers stop them from riding over the Harbour Bridge at the weekend.

I support them. In another life, I probably would have joined in - but I need to refer these things upwards and I think it would have been met with "do you think that is wise Duncan"?

But I bravely cheered you on from the safety of the sidelines.

I know it breaks the law, and that's not so good - but change never comes cheap. 

People lose their lives for change (albeit apartheid is on a slightly different scale to scaling the Harbour Bridge by bike). 

And while I don't agree with breaking the law, sometimes the euphemism "civil disobedience" feels really appropriate.

The cyclists tried for a permit - but Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency shut it down.

So frustration rightly boils over. 

This is a movement that needs to be catered for. 

Give them some damn certainty after decades of false hope, promises, lies and gutless fly by night politicians unwilling to back up anything they said they'd do. 

In short, a harbour crossing for cyclists has lacked someone in high office seeing it through. Where are the Greens? 

They got lost on the way there - they turned sharp left and took the detour down the one-way social justice highway.

Cyclists are a legitimate part of the transport puzzle; we're told to get out of cars every day to save the planet. 

The truth is, the bridge is a sick dog anyway - put it down. It's not the solution. 

Build a modern harbour crossing fit for the next 100 years that takes people, bikes and trains.

So, to the cyclists - point well made.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.