Newshub's Patrick Gower immortalised in tribute tattoo from his 'biggest fan'

Newshub journalist Patrick Gower has been immortalised in a tattoo for one Kiwi fan - but social media commenters have pointed out there's more than one issue with the tribute.

Whakatane tattooist Rich Nielsen at Evolution Ink completed the tattoo over the weekend for an anonymous client, which was inspired by an infamous skit Gower took part in for the Auckland Law School revue.

The skit showed Gower reporting loudly from a library when a student told him off saying, "this is a f**king library", to which Gower replied, "this is the f**king news".

However, the tattoo features a picture of Gower along with a version of the quote - "its the f**king news".

But social media commenters were quick to point out the difference, as well as that the new version appeared to be missing an apostrophe.

"The lack of an apostrophe is stressing me out," one commenter wrote.

Gower shared the photo of the tattoo to his own social media where he appeared to be undecided on his feelings, writing: "Ummmm…"

Social media commenters were also divided, with some calling the tattoo a "beauty", but others thought it was "horrendous".

"Think your biggest fan has been found," one person said.

"I bet that, as a kid, you would have never believed that one day, some crazy Kiwi would have your mug tattooed on them," another wrote.

"So are you flattered or creeped out Paddy? Or are you creepy flattered?"