Terrifying dashcam footage shows Audi crashing into milk tanker in Waikato

Terrifying dashcam footage has captured the moment a car crashed into a milk tanker.

The video, taken on June 7, shows the tanker driving in Waikato before turning into a driveway. As the tanker slows down with its indicator on, a white Audi speeds down the right-hand side of the road to overtake the line of vehicles - with the driver not realising the tanker is about to turn in front of them.

The Audi driver slams on the brakes and attempts to swerve into the driveway to get out of the way but hits the front of the truck. The driver who captured the dashcam footage is heard saying: "You f***ing dumb c**t."

The person who uploaded the video to Facebook gave a warning to others about dangerous driving.

"OK people… when you see a truck slowing down with his indicator on and the cars behind it slowing… think about it… could save a life.....YOURS!"

Commenters say the footage frightens them.

"This shit scares the bejesus out of me! Especially now I've finally got my license and am learning," one says.

"What an absolute muppet that person in the car is, could have killed someone," another writes.

Another called for the driver's car to be seized for unsafe driving.