All of NZ should decide if it supports They Are Us - not just the Muslim community - leader

The former president of the Al Noor Mosque says all of New Zealand should decide whether the controversial They Are Us film should be made.

Mohammed Wahid told Newshub the decision should not rest on the shoulders of the Muslim community alone, as it wouldn't reflect the community fostered at the time of the attacks.

"New Zealanders were standing beside us, grieving. I wasn't crying alone - my neighbours, my workmates, my kid's friends, and their parents were all beside us crying with us.

"We as the Muslim community should not be making decisions on our own - we should include the New Zealanders who have been with us during this time of difficulty, we should be inclusive."

Although he says all of Aotearoa should unite in its decision on the film, he acknowledged there is little legal power.

"If the moviemakers are going ahead to do this...we can oppose it but we cannot stop it."

The planned film has been heavily criticised after Newshub was leaked an early version of the script in June. Calls to cancel the movie have been backed by the likes of the Human Rights Commission.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who will be played by Australian actress Rose Byrne, admits she also can't stop the film from being made but has a message for its producers. 

"Whilst I don't have the ability to stop any piece of television or any piece of film being made, what I can ask is for those producers to listen," she told The AM Show in June.

"Listen to those who are most deeply affected."