Auckland business owner 'shocked' after clothes store shot at two nights in a row

Pearl Culture was shot at several times two nights in a row.
Pearl Culture was shot at several times two nights in a row. Photo credit: Facebook / Cris Roberts

An Auckland shop owner is shaken after her store window was shot at two nights in a row.

Cris Roberts of clothing store Pearl Culture in Grey Lynn arrived on Wednesday morning to a perfectly round 2.5-metre high hole in the front window that looked "exactly like a gunshot". Then on Wednesday night, it was shot at again four more times.

Roberts tells Newshub in the 17 years she's been a business owner, nothing like this has ever happened to her.

"It's really crazy. It's weird. I thought the night before it was a random thing, but the fact it's happened again is really scary," she says.

Photos show several holes in the store's front window with glass cracked and shattered where it was hit.

Roberts has appealed to businesses near her for CCTV footage, but also hopes someone nearby may have heard it since it would've made "a really bad sound".

"No one could've done it with a slingshot. I think it was intentionally shot at."

But she's unsure if whoever's targeting the store is gearing up to rob it.

"It's completely and utterly shocking. I came in this morning and I thought I dealt with this yesterday. But if they've done it once, they'll probably try it again."

She's reported the incident to police, who confirmed they went to the Grey Lynn shop on Wednesday afternoon after reports of damage to a window.

"There was insufficient evidence to suggest what caused the initial damage," a police spokesperson says. 

"We are aware that a subsequent report has been made about further damage and this will be followed up by Police."