Tetraplegic thrill-seeker campaigning to make tourism accessible for everyone

Tetraplegic paraglider Jezza Williams is unstoppable both in his appetite for adventure, and in his campaign to make tourism inclusive for all abilities. 

He's started producing his own videos showcasing people with disabilities enjoying extreme sport in the hope the tourism industry follows his lead.

In Williams' promotional video, New Zealand is shown as the inclusive adventure capital of the world.

"I want to promote the whole of New Zealand within inclusion like Tourism New Zealand does to overseas markets, we should be showing people what is possible that's why we've been making these films," he told Newshub. 

Williams wants tourism operators to make their adventure packages more user-friendly for people with disabilities.

"When everybody is included, whether they have a disability, or whether they're King Kong, it doesn't matter."

His films showcase his mates -all with disabilities - breaking barriers and taking on everything that New Zealand's tourism industry has to offer. 

Thrill-seeker Niko Mannix told Newshub the feeling is life-changing.

"Being able to go paragliding, canyon swinging, kayaking, skydiving, any of that, gives you that feeling of being alive. It's massive to be able to do something that you didn't think was possible. If you can get that feeling that you can do that, what can you do in your everyday life? It's a roll-on effect."

Williams wants the tourism industry to get on-board with his dream by supporting his charity Making Trax. 

"Everybody deserves a right to jump on a bike and go for a ride, or jump out of a plane and get some excitement or just go on a holiday with family and friends."

He reckons an adrenaline rush is such a valuable experience, it's worth doing the extra work needed to make it available to everyone.