Watch: Adorable otters move into Christchurch's Orana Wildlife Park

Some cute new marine life has just moved in at Christchurch's Orana Wildlife Park. 

They've been in quarantine for the last two weeks after arriving here from Perth and they're adjusting to the new climate quite well.  

Five brothers tentatively took their first steps into their new home on Thursday. It was crisp underfoot, a chilly -4C.

Lead animal keeper Laura Ashton says the otters are used to slightly more temperate climates.

"They are used to slightly warmer temps so we're just helping them out but they've been really busy and active this morning."

The Asian small-clawed otters were born at a Perth zoo. The vulnerable species have been brought here as part of the Australasian breeding program.

The enclosure's been empty since 2016 after the previous otters died of old age. In preparation for these guys around $10,000 has been spent upgrading the habitat - things like filtration and heating the water. 

The water's a tepid 18C, taking the edge off that winter chill.

The otters dine on delicacies - restaurant-quality king prawns, fish, and mussels. 

"These otters are known to put mussels out in the sunshine so they open, that shows how intelligent they are."

Intelligent, and each with their own personality.

"Ikan he seems to be the greedy one, he is into all of the food first," says Ashton. 

After a five-year hiatus, they're back to being a star attraction, with some people driving from as far as Timaru to catch a glimpse. 

The five brothers are sticking together as they warm to their new environment. 

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