Kiwis mock 'poorly aged' old Mike Hosking quote on New South Wales COVID-19 outbreak

An old opinion piece by radio broadcaster Mike Hosking on New South Wales' premier is being mocked online for having "aged poorly".

The Newstalk ZB host made the comments in early May after New Zealand paused the Trans-Tasman travel bubble with New South Wales after the state recorded a couple of new community cases - the first in over a month.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian labelled the pause an "overreaction" and Hosking said he agreed.

"I wasn't remotely surprised to see Gladys Berejiklian describe our bubble reaction to NSW as an overreaction," Hosking wrote.

"I asked Ashley Bloomfield on Friday of course if he was a bit trigger happy and even he said it was a line call.

"But no one is more conservative than Ashley, hence we are so backward on things like borders and vaccines and PPE and testing and border security.

"Berejiklian is Australia's most successful premier. Her state is the best economic performer, she is popular, and she has led far and away Australia's most successful COVID response."

The comments were shared to social media platform Reddit on Thursday where users commented that it "hadn't aged well".

The Reddit post which resurfaced Hosking's comments noted: "Given NSW just hit 1000 cases in a day, this comment from Mike Hosking seems to have aged rather... poorly".

"Someone want to tell Mike her incompetence cost two countries their elimination status?" another person commented.

Berejiklian has recently been criticised for her handling of New South Wales' latest COVID-19 outbreak - which included a record-breaking 1029 new cases on Thursday.

The Financial Review's political correspondent Andrew Tillett reported "no one seems happy" with Berejiklian. 

"The health hardliners lambast her for not going hard enough, libertarians hate that she has impinged on any of their freedoms and small-business owners, the backbone of today's Liberal Party, are being financially ruined," he said.