Police called on preaching Auckland Christians filming controversial TikTok video

A controversial TikTok video has captured the moment a group of Christians preaching on the streets of Auckland were approached by police for "breaching the peace".

STREET PREACHING NZ posted a video to the social media platform in July which shows them being approached by a police officer on Karangahape Road.

In the video, the officer tells them "there is a difference between preaching and hate speech and you are very close to crossing the line".

But the group argued they were only preaching and in fact, the people who had called the police on them had threatened their group.

"These people actually came up and assaulted us," one member said.

"They have threatened to kill us, they have threatened to beat up these guys and say that we are preaching hate."

But the police officer responds: "What you guys are saying is very subjective and saying it to people up here could be taken... in a way likely to incite violence, okay?"

The caption of the video, which has been watched over 47,000 times, questioned the police's response.

"We were assaulted. Our property was stolen. We received death threats. Yet the cops were called on us because I preached about JESUS they consider that hate?"

In a statement, a police spokesperson confirmed officers attended the "breach of peace" at the corner of Karangahape Road and Pitt Street just after midnight on July 18.

"Members of the public had reported the group using an amplifier and microphone before Police arrived.

"The group were spoken to by Police about their conduct.  They moved on after being spoken to.

"People were advised to contact Auckland Council in the first instance for any noise complaints."