Ryan Bridge, Mark Richardson candidly open up about crying after interview with 'Soften Up Bro' co-founder

  • 29/09/2021

Three's Ryan Bridge and Mark Richardson have spoken openly about breaking down in tears, earning praise from their fellow co-host Amanda Gillies.

The AM Show hosts addressed the issue of crying on Wednesday morning, straight after talking to the co-founder of 'Soften Up Bro' - a mental health movement that encourages men to open up about their feelings.

"I'm very emotional, actually," Richardson began.

"When it gets me… it's uncontrollable."

"I have to admit, I do cry a bit," Bridge added. "I probably cried last week, you know?"

Soften Up Bro co-founder Heemi Kapa-Kingi had earlier told The AM Show he too had the "superpower" of being able to cry.

"I think there's a great appetite within Aotearoa amongst men for these types of conversations… to support men through their emotional vulnerability and through their emotional dialogue and enabling more men to do so."

Bridge and Richardson agreed.

"When it rains it pours," said Richardson. "I tell you what, though, it does make you feel better - even if you're by yourself and you just have a really down moment… it's like hitting a punching bag. 

Ryan Bridge, left, and Mark Richardson.
Ryan Bridge, left, and Mark Richardson. Photo credit: The AM Show

"Emotionally, it's like a ctrl, alt, delete sometimes."

Gillies praised her colleagues for opening up.

"Good on you two," she said. 

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