Wellington man who drove road roller into Upper Hutt boy racers sentenced

A Wellington man who drove a road roller into a group of boy racers in 2019 has been sentenced to community detention.

His son, who hit people with a cricket bat as they tried to escape, was also sentenced - but the judge acknowledged many in the community supported their actions.

It was chaos and carnage as a road roller smashed into cars, sending dozens of boy racers at an Upper Hutt car meet running.

"It was scary as; I thought if I don't get out of the way, I'm going to die," recounts victim Jordan Taylor.

Taylor jumped out of the way just moments before the 16-tonne road roller hit his car.

"I'll probably never be the same… there's always that feeling when I go out, 'am I going to be attacked again?'"

Dylan Wilson was hit by a car escaping the scene, and his leg was broken.

Driving the road roller was Patrick Roil. The meet was outside his business following months of damage to his property.

His son Marcus was with him, whacking people with a cricket bat.

"I have to essentially see this as an attack," said Wellington District Court Judge Ian Mill​.

Judge Mill sentenced Patrick Roil to five months' community detention and 200 hours' community work. He also has to pay $45,000 in damages. 

His son Marcus received a lighter sentence.

"Some people would have considerable sympathy for the situation they found themselves in," said defence lawyer Chris Stevenson.

In court, Judge Mill said many in the community approved of Roil's actions and that he was "a good Kiwi bloke" who made a bad decision, adding that in his 20 years as a judge he'd never seen so many positive character references. 

Victim Taylor says "we all make mistakes and we have to pay for them - he's paying for it now".

The damage done - the court case finally over.