Chris Hipkins involved in funny exchange about 'spread your legs' during Super Saturday 'Vaxathon'

COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins has been involved in an awkward and funny exchange on Super Shot Saturday 'Vaxathon' when presenters made fun of his 'spread your legs' comments he made back in August.

Hipkins became the talk of social media in August when he told the nation he understood it was difficult to "spread" your legs during lockdown if you're living in a high-density area. 

His slip of the tongue quickly made its way online, with Kiwis sharing memes, TikToks and tweets about the unfortunate phrase. 

They loved it so much #spreadyourlegs was trending on Twitter.

Hipkins saw the funny side of his slip up, bringing a mug to a press conference emblazoned with the meme two weeks later.

The COVID-19 Response Minister joined the Vaxathon main stage and joked with presenters about his infamous verbal slip-up. 

"I've had quite a few photos taken this morning at different vaccination sites around the Hutt Valley doing the whole 'spread your legs' joke thing. I figure, anything for a good cause," said Hipkins. 

"If it gets people out, having a laugh and being vaccinated, it's all good."

Hipkins then gave some insight into why he got vaccinated and his message to New Zealanders who are sitting on the fence about getting the vaccine. 

"I got vaccinated to protect those who can't be vaccinated," he said.

"I have two young kids at home right now, they can't be vaccinated, we want to protect all our young tamariki, so that means all of us adults need to do more." 

"It's something that comes up quite regularly. I get quite a lot of correspondence about it but most of it is based on misinformation. 

"There are a bunch of people that are happy to be vaccinated but [say] 'I will wait and see, the risk isn't very high at the moment, so I'll wait and see'.

"But my message to them is, we need you to do that now. The risk is going to get higher from here, so the sooner you get vaccinated the sooner you will get your immunity because it takes a wee-while after you've had both shots until you get the full benefit of it, so do it now."

Watch the full moment above.