Over thousand people turn up in Auckland for anti-lockdown protest

Over a thousand people have turned up to an anti-lockdown protest in Auckland on Saturday, the same day as the Government's national Super Saturday vaccine push.

There are an estimated 2000 people at the protest and they're tightly congested on the Auckland Domain field, with many not wearing masks.

Police have yet to make any arrests and are keeping their distance from the edge of the protest.

"Police will be monitoring the situation on the day and responding accordingly. Police recognise and respect people's lawful right to protest - however will continue to encourage people to adhere to the alert level restrictions," police said in a statement 

"Those who deliberately breach alert level restrictions can expect that police will move to enforcement. 

"Police do have the ability to take enforcement action for those found to be breaching the restrictions currently in place, and those responsible for organising such protests may be prosecuted."

This isn't the only protest happening on Saturday with more than 1000 people gathered at Kensington Park in Whangarei for another anti-vax FreedomNZ protest.

This is the second protest this month, after an anti-vaccination protest fronted by Destiny Church pastor Brian Tamaki on October 2 saw a similar amount of people turn up in Auckland as well as smaller gatherings in Wellington, Christchurch and Nelson.