Video: Police arrest Extinction Rebellion protesters superglued to steps of Parliament

Police have arrested several Extinction Rebellion protesters after they superglued themselves to the steps of Parliament. 

The protesters superglued themselves on Tuesday night as part of a series of protests calling for the New Zealand Government to "go hard and go early" ahead of COP26.

Rachel D'Cruz from Extinction Rebellion told Newshub the whole week was about drawing attention to climate change and the immediate action required to stop the situation becoming worse. 

In a statement on Wednesday, police said three people were arrested after allegedly refusing to leave Parliament after being trespassed.

Police had to bring in acetone spray to unglue the protesters' hands before taking them into custody.

Police say these three will be referred to Te Pae Oranga to take part in a restorative justice process.

A 41-year-old-man was also arrested after an incident involving protest action at a building on Bowen Street on Wednesday morning. He is due to appear in the Wellington District Court on November 1 2021 charged with wilful damage.

Earlier in the day the group had organised a protest at Wellington Railway Station against unsustainable dairy farming practices.

This saw protesters dressed as cows dancing to disco music while waving signs calling for reform to current farming practices.

COP26 is being held in the UK at the end of October and is being attended by a number of world leaders. Green Party co-leader James Shaw will represent New Zealand. Shaw came under some criticism recently for attending the event, particularly when so many Kiwis abroad can't return home due to a lack of MIQ spaces. 

Shaw defended the trip telling The AM Show attending via Zoom was not an option. 

"If we want New Zealand to participate in international diplomacy whilst there is a pandemic on, that does mean that some ministers have to travel and so do some of our officials."

"We can't do it by Zoom. That was made abundantly clear over a year ago. When I talked to MFAT officials I said, 'Is this an option?' and they said, 'No, it isn't'. The United Kingdom has been abundantly clear that this will be an in-person event. 

"If I'd been given the option, I would rather that that was available to us - and it isn't."