Police end investigation into deregistered anti-vax doctor Jonie Girouard, won't file charges

Police have confirmed they're no longer investigating now-deregistered Canterbury doctor Jonie Girouard, who was filmed issuing medical certificates as COVID-19 vaccine exemptions last year.

She was issued a $300 fine by the Ministry of Health on Thursday for being "an unvaccinated affected person (a health practitioner) providing health services in-person".

Police were looking into possible criminal charges following a formal complaint last month, but they confirmed on Thursday they're no longer investigating her. No charges have been laid either.

The New Zealand Medical Association made the initial complaint with police, with chairperson Dr Alistair Humphrey saying in December that "at face value, it looks as if fraud is being committed here".

They released a statement on Thursday after the Ministry of Health issued the fine.

"It appears this fine has been applied for an unvaccinated health worker continuing to see patients face to face rather than providing seemingly fraudulent medical certificates as exemptions," the association says.

"We hope the authorities will do the right thing in the best interests of New Zealanders' health."

Dr Girouard escaped a $4000 penalty since the offending happened two days before the fine increased.

Dr Bryan Betty from the Royal New Zealand College of GPs says any doctor who isn't promoting vaccinations is "disappointing", and adds the vast majority of Kiwi GPs are following the rules.

"I think GPs have an absolute responsibility to their patients, profession and the community as a whole. They are medical leaders in the community," he says.

Dr Girouard is no longer among them, saying in a meeting that was covertly filmed by Newshub in December she'll "stop practising medicine before I get vaccinated with this vaccine".

She followed through on that pledge by deregistering herself as a GP.

Her business, The Girouard Centre, was closed on Thursday and there was no sign of her. Her business also declined to comment on her fine.