Hamilton couple secretly celebrates $9 million Lotto win

Hamilton couple wins $9 million dollar Powerball
Hamilton couple wins $9 million dollar Powerball Photo credit: Supplied

A couple in Hamilton are secretly celebrating a multi-million dollar Lotto win after picking up the winning Powerball ticket on Saturday.

The Powerball First Division ticket, worth $9 million, was won by the couple after picking up their regular triple-dip ticket at their local Four Square in Matangi.

"We were out doing some shopping on Saturday and my partner popped into the shop to buy our ticket. While I waited in the car, I remember wondering how many winning tickets that store had sold," the woman said.

Later that night, the woman read an online news article about the Powerball being won at the same store but did not think anything of it.

"I just brushed it off and thought, nah it can’t possibly be us."

The next day, the woman told her partner about the news article and he decided to check the ticket himself.

"I got the iPad and checked the ticket anyway, but I misread it and thought the Bonus Ball was the Powerball number, so it took a few seconds before I realised I was actually holding the winning ticket," he said.

He called over his partner, who thought he was having her on before she looked at it herself and realised they had won the grand prize.

The couple, who wish to remain anonymous, went to a local cafe before going back home and discussing their win.

The man said, they are sensible people and won't be splashing their cash around.

"You won't see me driving around in a Lamborghini next week but we are very much looking forward to buying our first home and setting ourselves up for the future."

This is the seventh time Powerball First Division has been struck in 2022.