Iran's embassy in Wellington ordered to pay tradesmen more than $270k, but is refusing to do so

Iran's embassy in Wellington has been ordered to pay a tradesman more than $250,000 - but is refusing to do so.

The man's lawyer fears officials will hide behind diplomatic immunity to avoid paying any money.

A posting to New Zealand is highly sought after by international diplomats and with million-dollar views of the capital, it's hard not to see why.

But the Iranians are being accused of trying to hide behind their diplomatic status to avoid paying what's owed.

"There's been no waiver of diplomatic immunity for the collection of costs," the tradesman's lawyer Chris Boys said.

Newshub has agreed not to name the Iranian tradie to protect his family back home. He claimed he was underpaid for painting and renovation work done two years ago.

"That's left him with a debt that he's been unable to pay so that debt will actually lead to him being made bankrupt," Boys added.

Last month, the District Court ruled that the tradie be paid for unpaid invoices, management work, buying building material, and loss of chance - totalling $274,932.

"His wife has also very recently had a child and they're living in council housing here in Wellington."

But they haven't been paid so Newshub approached the embassy for comment. Newshub spoke to someone who answered the door at the embassy and we were told to make an appointment.

We've since made an appointment but have not yet heard back. For the tradie, he may never see the money.

"It's going to be hard and I've told him that and that is hard for him to accept," Boys said.

While Iran's foreign officials continue to enjoy life here on the diplomatic dollar.