'Absolutely unacceptable' Kiwis languishing in emergency housing for years - Patrick Gower

  • 21/11/2022

Newshub national correspondent Patrick Gower says it's "absolutely unacceptable" some Kiwis are living in emergency housing for more than a year. 

It comes after Newshub revealed new figures showing more than 1000 people have now stayed in motels longer than a year. The longest stay in emergency housing has now stretched over three years.

Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt is preparing to release his findings of a massive housing inquiry - and he has labelled our emergency housing system a "human rights crisis".

Gower said it's "unacceptable" Kiwis are living in emergency housing for that long but questioned where they're meant to go.

"I'm sure everyone agrees we shouldn't be doing this, there is no question about that is there, but actually where do they go," Gower said on AM on Monday.  

"Where are the solutions, why can't we find them, why are we still trying to sort this out? I just can't get this." 

Watch the full moment above.