Can you get a parking fine while in your car? AM hosts react to ticket drama causing outrage in Australia

Can you get a parking ticket if you're still in your car? It's a question taking over Australia at the moment after an Adelaide grandfather said he was given a fine while stuck in traffic. 

Bob said he was merging into a queue of traffic during school pick up when an inspector snapped a photo of his car and slapped him with a $75 fine. 

He said when the photo was taken he was still driving but was at a temporary standstill while waiting to get into the gates of his grandchildren's school. 

The contentious fine sparked discussion on AM on Thursday with hosts Ryan Bridge and Melissa Chan-Green questioning whether you should be able to get a fine if you're still in your car. 

In New Zealand if your car is somewhere it shouldn't be and not moving, you are committing an offence whether you're in the car or not.

But Bridge said while it might be the law, a fine seems unnecessary when the warden could simply ask the person to move.

"If you're in your car, I even think if you're in a car park and you're in your car, you should not be fined," he said. 

"Like, just ask me to move. The point of a parking ticket is to make sure there are parks available for other people. If you're fining somebody who's in their car and you could just ask to move… you're a twat," he added. 

But Chan-Green then questioned whether people could then sit in their parked car all day and not be fined, to which Bridge pointed out not many people would be doing that regardless of the rules.

"Who's going to sit in the car all day? Do you know what I mean?

"I would have thought if you're in your car you shouldn't be fined. And I would have thought if your car is moving you definitely can't get a parking fine," he said. 

And it seems Bob isn't alone with several Kiwis revealing the most ridiculous times they were fined. 

One viewer called Peter said he was fined when he was waiting in line to turn into a driveway. 

Peter said he realised he should move to allow other traffic to pass and was fined because he was stopped on a yellow line. 

Another viewer said they received a fine for parking at a shopping centre in Auckland for too long. But when they asked for proof because they had no memory of visiting the mall, they never heard back. 

AM producer Jacob also revealed he was fined for stopping on yellow lines in Auckland's Britomart for mere seconds to drop off his mum and sister.

But Chan-Green did point out that while being fined for stopping for a second was annoying, you're not actually allowed to stop on yellow lines.

"You're not allowed to stop on yellow lines and technically you did," she said. 

Although Chan-Green said getting a fine for stopping for a few seconds probably wasn't particularly reasonable. 

"Be reasonable but technically you're not meant to," she said. 

Parking fines have long been a contentious issue with a motorcyclist hitting out at a parking warden in Auckland earlier in the year for stopping in the middle of the road to issue tickets.