New Zealanders urged to be careful with fireworks after two bushfires, pet horse put down

A New Plymouth woman was forced to put her horse down after it was spooked by fireworks and twice in one week Fire and Emergency were called to major bushfires caused by Guy Fawkes celebrations.

On Friday night the top of Hawke's Bay's Te Mata Peak caught on fire and 10 fire trucks managed to extinguish it after a couple of hours.

Fire and Emergency spokesperson Adrian Nacey told Newshub: "We can confirm the cause of the fire at Te Mata Peak last night was fireworks."

A person is assisting authorities with the investigation and the peak will be closed to visitors overnight.

The Friday night firework blaze wasn't the only one caused by fireworks this week.

On Thursday, a teenager was referred to Youth Aid after fireworks caused a 200-hectare blaze in northern Canterbury.

"This is a sobering reminder that we need to be careful about where fireworks are set off and that it is done so safely," Nacey said.

The fireworks don't just affect people, it affects pets as well.

Rescue dog J-LO shook in terror because of the loud noises. Even after being given anti-anxiety pills she couldn't be calmed down

Meanwhile, Darryn Moeller was forced to put her horse, Izzy, down this week.

The horse was so frightened by the fireworks it pulled its leg muscles as it frantically ran in circles. 

"It's just not on, enough is enough!" Moeller said.

Moeller is calling for an end to the sale of fireworks. 

"How many fires does there have to be, loss of homes and injured animals before there's a change in law, for god's sake!"

A desperate plea from a woman, who will never be able to take her horse for a ride on the beach again.