American blown away by strangers' kind offers in Timaru

"Man, I love New Zealand."
"Man, I love New Zealand." Photo credit: TikTok/@fatherprofit

This article was originally published on Jan 16, 2023.

There are a lot of differences between New Zealand and US - our coffee is better, we don't tend to tip and we have free public healthcare. But for one American it was our kind nature which took the cake.

American Joshua Profit, who goes by the username @fatherprofit, was amazed by the number of 'good sorts' who offered to lend a helping hand when he got in some trouble.

Profit, originally from Atlanta, was in Timaru with his family for an athletics event when their car got a flat back tyre.

While they were waiting for roadside assistance, Profit was astonished by the number of strangers who offered to help them.

He said 10 people approached them to see if they needed help, offering to raise their car or give them a lift. 

"It's almost uncomfortable how nice people are here… In America, you not about to get no help, nobody offering a damn thing to go out of their way to help anyone," Profit told his 44,000 TikTok followers.

"The humanity living in other places kind of gets you numb to how we're supposed to treat each other."

Profit said it was even announced over the loudspeaker while they were watching his daughter at the South Island Colgate Games that their car had a flat tyre and the staff would help them change it.

"Man, I love New Zealand."

People on TikTok agreed, sharing their fondness towards our good Kiwi attitude.

"I've legit never had to change a tyre on my car here in NZ. Every time I pop the boot someone pulls over and helps," one user said.

"Love this bro. We take it for granted here that people help each other," another said.

"That's what us Kiwis do, look out for each other," a third said.