Auckland motorists' cars break down after filling up fuel 'with water' at Caltex station

Multiple motorists are claiming their cars broke down after filling up with petrol they say had water in it at a Caltex station in Auckland.

An investigation is underway into the unleaded 91 petrol at Caltex's West Coast Rd station in Glen Eden after it received "a couple" of concerns from customers. 

One woman, who said she filled up her vehicle with 91 in late December, shared a photo of the contaminated fuel - siphoned into a juice bottle - to a local community Facebook page.

The woman declined to be interviewed by Newshub.

In the Facebook post, she said after filling up on December 31, "my car died" 15 minutes into the journey.

One commenter added the same thing happened to them: "Omg my car did this… same gas station."

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Meanwhile, others commenting on a separate community Facebook page were also seemingly needing vehicles repaired. 

"Has anyone had trouble with water in their fuel after filling their cars at gas stations in west Auckland[?]... My car broke down on Friday and they have found water in my fuel," one woman wrote on Tuesday.

"Yep, my mate filled up his boat at Caltex West Coast Rd. Both engines cut out," a commenter added. "Checked filter bowls and fill of water [sic]. He had to drain it."

According to Carmudi, symptoms of petrol contaminated with water can include the vehicle not starting, acceleration issues, lower fuel efficiency and idling troubles. 

A spokesperson from Z Energy, which licenses Caltex in New Zealand, said it's "been made aware of a couple of customers raising concerns over a recent purchase of 91 unleaded fuel at the independently owned" West Coast Rd station.

"We understand the retailer is investigating this to determine what has occurred and is currently working with those customers directly. We encourage any customer who refilled with 91 unleaded and has concerns regarding their vehicle performance to reach out to the Caltex station directly to discuss this matter."