East Auckland motorists confused after dozens of speed limit signs installed with speed limits covered up

Motorists across east Auckland are scratching their heads after dozens of speed limit signs were installed with the speed limit covered up.

The blank signs are part of a wider rollout of fresh speed restrictions, but locals are demanding clarity. 

"I'm assuming it [the speed limit] hasn't changed, that it's still 80km/h, but it's a guess," one person told Newshub.

"I tend to go slower because I don't want to get a fine but I don't know," another said.

On Te Irirangi Drive, blank signs line the road for kilometres. 

Auckland Transport (AT) said it's part of their 'phase three' speed changes, which will see limits altered across the city. It's a move transport writer and editor of Greater Auckland Matt Lowrie supports.

"There's a strong correlation between speeds on our streets and survivability should someone get in a crash. Over one person a week died on roads in Auckland in the last year," he said.

But motorists feel they've been left in the dark.

"Some clarity, like if they're to keep people safe, which is generally the reason they put them there, they're not serving their purpose. They're nothing, it's just like decoration," one local said.

In a statement to Newshub, AT said the covered signs are actually new, pre-installed, speed limits posts. Their coverings will come off on January 26. 

Until then, a default of 50km/h applies where all visible signs are covered.