Man filmed riding e-scooter across Auckland Harbour Bridge

The man was filmed Monday morning riding an e-scooter across the Auckland Harbour Bridge.
The man was filmed Monday morning riding an e-scooter across the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Photo credit: bradtiktok9000 and Newshub.

A man was filmed during Monday morning's commute e-scootering across the Auckland Harbour Bridge. 

The video, posted to TikTok, shows a helmeted man following a bus on his e-scooter on Monday morning at approximately 9am.

"What a mad, mad, mad, dude," the man who filmed the video can be heard saying. 

While the man riding the e-scooter appears to be wearing a motorcycle helmet police were unhappy with the behaviour.

Approached for comment, Senior Sergeant Scott Cunningham of Tāmaki Makaurau Road Policing, responded: "Around 9.20am on Monday 9 January, Police received a report of a male riding an electric scooter on the Northern Motorway, near Northcote Point.

"Police located the male near the corner of Esmond and Barrys Point Roads, Takapuna.

"He was spoken to by Police and given a formal written traffic warning for being a pedestrian on the motorway.  

"Our Mission is to prevent crime and harm through exceptional Policing and keeping our communities safe is one of our priorities.

"We are disappointed to see these types of dangerous acts as depicted in this video for the sake of a social media trend and would ask that this not be replicated."

The behaviour does not seem to be an anomaly as one commenter pointed out, "I see him every day when I'm going to work!" 

The original poster of the video added a comment later on Tuesday: "Just to let everyone know this dude passed me in the middle of the bridge".

The e-scooter's ability to pass cars is backed up by one commenter on the video who said "I think those scooters can do 80-90k".

Plenty of commenters were encouraging of the commuter's behaviour, with one saying "gotta get to work somehow".

Other comments targeted Auckland Transport.

"Auckland Transport is a joke right now and this is an inevitable outcome of that," one said.

"It's either that or swimming if bro doesn't have a car or wana do public transport," said another.

However one comment criticised the rider's risky behaviour by saying "then we pay for his medical bills".

Taxpayers have forked out over $30 million for injuries related to e-scooters since they were introduced to New Zealand four years ago.

The TikTok video has had a warning added stating "Participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt."

Watch the embedded video.