NZ weather: Chaos on Auckland's roads as water surges through buses travelling on motorway, cars submerged

The barrage of rain hitting Auckland on Friday evening is causing chaos on the roads as cars become submerged and water surges through moving buses. 

A video sent to Newshub shows water gushing onto an Auckland motorway as well as inside the NX1 bus as it continues to travel along the motorway.

People can be seen crouching on seats to keep out of the water. 

Another video on Twitter shows water rushing on the opposite side of the highway before breaking over the median barrier. 

As the video continues, water can be seen up to people's ankles inside the bus as it surges through the vehicle. 

People can be heard laughing in astonishment and saying, "oh my god" and "oh s**t". 

In another video on social media, people can be seen standing on the steps to the second floor of a double-decker bus as water floods the ground floor of the vehicle. 

As the video continues, the back door opens and water can be seen streaming out of the bus.

Further videos on social media show cars floating or submerged in water while another video shows manhole covers being blown off. 

A remarkable video on Twitter shows a bus being swept away and smashing into a fence while cars around it are submerged in water. 

It comes as Auckland is lashed by heavy rain and wild weather, which has seen evacuations as houses become flooded. 

Flooding is also blocking parts of the Northern Motorway while the Southern Motorway is closed from the Market Rd off-ramp northbound.