Weather: Rain, 'notably humid' air coming as temperatures push towards 30C

Enjoy the relatively cooler weather while you can - New Zealand is in for a "sticky" end to the week.

Later this week a northerly wind flows across the country, bringing humid air down towards New Zealand.

"The long-range trend is toward warmer and more humid conditions from late week as our air flows down from the sub-tropics," NIWA said on Facebook on Tuesday.

"The warmth will especially be felt in the South Island and lower North Island."

MetService said the air from the north will be "notably humid" for many places and temperatures around Otago, Southland and Canterbury could push towards 30C.

"This won't be picture-perfect beach weather for all though," it added.

"The humid air coming down from the north will also bring rain with it. With Auckland Anniversary this weekend and Waitangi the next - it's a good time to keep up with the forecast before making plans."

And this could be just a taste of what's to come for New Zealand next month.

"Early signs point to February being warmer than average this year - hope you like it hot!" NIWA added.