Auckland flooding: Beaches 'closed' this Waitangi weekend over 'health and safety' concerns

Aucklanders are being warned to stay away from beaches this long weekend since they remain unsafe following last week's flooding.

Flood waters have washed contaminants, wastewater, and debris into waterways and onto beaches, Safeswim said on its website.

In an update on Sunday afternoon, Auckland Emergency Management deputy controller Rachel Kelleher said even though the weather is better and it isn't raining, people in the city of sails need to stay away because the "beaches are closed".

"This includes beaches on Kaipara Harbour and any coastal areas that are not necessarily covered by that Safeswim information," she said.

"So region-wide, please stay out of the water this weekend. This is for your health and safety."

On Auckland Council's Safeswim website, almost all beaches have a black pin, meaning a wastewater overflow has occurred. Other beaches have a red pin, indicating there is poor water quality.

"Do not swim until it's a 'green' tick on Safeswim," the website said.

Kelleher on Thursday said it's important to check the Safeswim website before hitting the beaches, even though the rain has stopped. 

Debris on Mission Bay Beach in Auckland.
Debris on Mission Bay Beach in Auckland. Photo credit: Getty Images

Also in Auckland Emergency Management's update on Sunday, Kelleher said there have been over 4500 rapid building assessments. As of Sunday afternoon, 261 houses are red-stickered and 1478 are yellow-stickered.

As Aucklanders clean up from the devastating floods, Kelleher said there had been about 1700 visits to the 15 transfer stations across the city and 620 tonnes of waste had been dropped off so far.

Anyone who can't remove waste from their properties themselves and needs help can call 0800 22 22 00.