Gloriavale leader Howard Temple admits he keeps community from outside world

Gloriavale's overseeing shepherd has admitted he separates his community from the outside world.

Howard Temple spent a tense second day on the stand in the Employment Court, which shortened the daily hearing to cater for the frail 82-year-old.

Gloriavale's leader was back in the hot seat and straight into the firing line, quizzed about control of the current generation.

"You keep them separated because you know that is a contagion, because they just might enjoy the life, correct?" Glorivale leavers' lawyer Brian Henry asked. 

"They just might do that, yes," Temple responded.

Eliminating influence from the outside world.

"I do not want them to leave the community and go out to the outside," Temple said.

Six former residents argue they were employees while living and working at the reclusive Christian community, not volunteers.

Under cross-examination, the overseeing shepherd told the hearing residents are to commit to their faith.

"A living member of the church surrender… Surrender to the church. To the doctrines. To the way of life," Temple said.

The plaintiffs' lawyer Brian Henry probed more on physical contact with young girls by the leaders.

When asked whether he accepts that some of the young girls do not like being hugged, Temple responded: "I can accept that now, yes."

Tuesday's firey hearing was shortened to give the 82-year-old more breaks.

The hearing was also told contraception is not used in the community and sex should not be refused, leaving it up to God to decide how many children they have.

"It's not just, 'have a baby, let's have a baby, let's have a baby'. It's not like that," Temple said.

The hearing continues on Wednesday before going on a two-week break.