Police interviews show murder-accused David Benbow couldn't remember what he was doing on day Michael McGrath disappeared

Police interviews show murder-accused David Benbow couldn't recall what he was doing at the time around Michael McGrath's disappearance and repetitively talked about McGrath's attitude to money.

The Crown said one of the reasons Benbow was angry about McGrath seeing his ex-partner was because McGrath might have access to some of Benbow's millions of dollars of assets.

David Benbow arrived at court for a day of watching himself on DVD. The court was shown the second police interview given 10 days after Michael McGrath was last seen alive.

The jury has heard that Benbow was upset about half of his "more than $2 million" in assets would be going to his ex-partner Joanna Green who was seeing his childhood friend McGrath. 

And several times Benbow mentioned McGrath's money habits.

"As I said, he rates cash, like, like I said, I'd paid $9500 cash to, to build the deck for us," Benbow said. 

"He used to have Sky but I don't think he's got Sky because he doesn't want to pay for it, so same reason... He used to have a cellphone but he doesn't want to pay for that ... So he's got a landline but he hasn't got the internet."

Detective Sergeant Phil Sparks also asked him what he was doing on the Monday the Crown said he murdered McGrath - but Benbow couldn't remember any detail from morning onwards.

"Okay, and what about, you can't recall a single thing you did after the rust repairs for that Monday?" the police officer asked Benbow.

"Well, cause you're not working and there's no real, you know what I mean, if you're not working there's no real rush to, to do anything is there?" Benbow replied.

But CCTV has previously shown Benbow had an extremely busy Monday driving out of town, going to the hammer hardware store and visiting a petrol station three separate times, twice to get petrol.

That was nine days before this interview.

"So do you recall anything you did that day?" the officer asked.

"I might have mowed the lawns," Benbow replied. "Mm, well I can't really recall, really."

The detective ended with some much harder questions, asking why he should believe Benbow.

"I haven't done anything... I'm not that sort of person," Benbow said.

"I'm just a teddy bear on the inside anyway, the kids call me teddy bear."

Benbow's defence team is expected to open their case on Monday.