Swimmers warned after shark sightings at three popular Auckland beaches

  • 04/03/2023

A warning has been issued to swimmers after shark sightings at three beaches in the Auckland region.

According to the website Safeswim, a shark has been spotted at Stanmore Bay and swimming is not advised.

A shark has also been seen at Red Beach and Orewa Beach and swimmers are being urged to "exercise caution".

Safeswim provides the public with information on water quality and swimming conditions across the country.

Swimmers warned after shark sightings at three popular Auckland beaches
Photo credit: Safeswim

Around 70 species of sharks are found in New Zealand's waters. They range from the tiny pygmy shark to giant whale sharks. And in between are several that are dangerous - including the great white and mako sharks.

However, for those scared at the thought of encountering a shark during a dip in the ocean, an expert has previously told Newshub it's very unlikely.

"Often there will be a shark within about 200 to 300 metres of people swimming. There are actually quite a lot of sharks in the water but, like I said, they aren't bothered by people; they keep their distance," lead aquarist at SEALIFE Kelly Tarlton's Felix Berghoefer said.

"They don't want anything to do with us. And even if there is one around you it's probably just going to swim past and you're not even going to know about it." 

Other warnings at beaches across Auckland include a do not swim warning due to very high risk of contamination due to wastewater overflow at Beach Haven, French Bay, Judges Bay, Mangere Bridge and Soldiers Bay. Swimming is not advised at Titirangi Beach and Granny's Bay due to a high risk of contamination.