Video: Moment activist Posie Parker has red liquid thrown on her at Auckland rally caught on camera

  • 25/03/2023
The activist had red liquid thrown on her.
The activist had red liquid thrown on her. Photo credit: Instagram/ Eli Rubashkyn

The moment Posie Parker had red liquid thrown on her has been caught on camera.

The activist was at Auckland's Albert Park on Saturday where she was met with a counter-protest of people supporting transgender rights.

Newshub reporter Nick Truebridge, who was at the scene, said it was "absolute chaos". Truebridge said tomato sauce or paint was thrown at Parker as she arrived.

This moment was captured in an Instagram video uploaded by the user @elianarubashkyn, in which a person in a pink dress is seen walking up to Parker and pouring what appears to be tomato soup on her.

Pushing broke out between attendees of Parker's rally and the larger counter-protest, and a small fight broke out as Parker made her way through the barricade to speak to the crowd.

Parker was escorted out of the venue by her security guards after being rushed and sprayed with water. It is unclear which side of the protests was responsible for this. 

In a video posted on YouTube by Parker straight after she left, she is shown being driven by police who were helping her exit the rally.

"I thought they were going to crush us to death," she said.

Watch the moment above.