Auckland and Waikato top spots for ram raids, commercial crime - insurance data

New data shows which regions are the top spots for ram raids and commercial crime.
New data shows which regions are the top spots for ram raids and commercial crime. Photo credit: Newshub

Auckland and Waikato are the country's top spots for ram raids and commercial crime, according to the latest insurance claims data.

The data released by insurer NZI reveals insurance claims for commercial crime increased by 26 percent in 2022, with Auckland bearing the brunt.

Of the $3698 crime claims received by NZI, 37 percent were in Auckland.

This places Auckland significantly above Waikato at 18 percent, followed by Canterbury at 12 percent, Bay of Plenty at 8 percent and Wellington at 7 percent.

"While population will no doubt factor into this, it's clear that businesses right across the country are suffering from an increase in crime, particularly burglary," said Garry Taylor, executive general manager of NZI.

For the past five years, burglary has remained the most common type of commercial crime claim, making up 75 percent in 2022 - reaching a total of almost 3000.

"The addition of vape products in dairies appears to increase the risk of burglaries," Taylor said.

Ram raids also featured in the claims, with Auckland, Waikato and Canterbury as the top three targets in 2022.

Not far below was Bay of Plenty, Northland and Wellington.

"These crimes are incredibly disruptive and it can take a long time for businesses to recover," Taylor said.

According to Taylor, ram raiders often target branded goods and items that are easily disposable through social media -  such as branded clothing.

"Power tools and cigarettes have traditionally been stolen but vape products are now frequent targets too."

And retail crime showed Auckland and Waikato again at the top of the list, followed by Canterbury, Bay of Plenty and Wellington.

NZI's tips to help prevent retail crime and ram raids:

Talk to insurance brokers for advice about insurance 

Install steel bollards or ram beams 

Move stock out of sight and take the till drawer out to show it's empty

Turn alternate coat hangers around to slow down a smash and grab

Minimise excess stock of products like cigarettes and vapes

Change store layout to allow for better visibility of entrances and exits

Fog cannons to prevent a significant raid and to allow staff and customers to exit safely.