Behind-the-scenes with Newshub camera operator who attends crime scenes nearly every night

Crime in New Zealand has been a constant headline this year, from ram-raids, shootings, and stabbings to robberies.

They seem to be happening regularly and are dominating news feeds, day after day.

Capturing the moments and the aftermath is often Auckland cameraman Tim Raethel. He is out nearly every night at a crime scene - and believes crime is getting worse.

So, Raethel kept a video diary of the events he attended. 

"So it's Monday night, there's just been a shooting in Roosevelt Avenue in Onehunga," Raethel recorded himself saying.

"It's 2am in the morning, Friday morning, I'm off at the scene at a serious stabbing.

"It's now 4am in the morning, another week, another ram raid."

Raethel has been covering overnight breaking news for Newshub for 17 years. He said he's never seen crime as bad as it is now.

"From what I am hearing there have been three shootings in south Auckland this weekend. Two in Ōtara and one in Manurewa. Looks like things are ramping up again," he said.

"What do I say? it's not surprising, the last couple of years it's been crazy, the gun violence and stuff."

For the month of June, Raethel was asked to keep a video diary at crime scenes. He's been out more nights than not.

Axe attacks. Hammer attacks. Raethel is there talking to the victims and witnesses.

He's been at ram raids and filmed the aftermath of shootings.

"So it's almost 9.30pm on a Saturday night and I'm off at a shooting. Sounds like the offenders have shot up a family home with young children inside it."

And then there are the robberies. All in Auckland, all while we sleep.

"I'm just at a business that's been burgled, looks like a car or possible crowbar to gain entry," he said. 

And for the Newshub camera operator, it seems to be never-ending.

"It's another night in Auckland, it's how things are now. Day in and day out, it's a really sad state of affairs."

For every crime, there's a victim. Shop owners, business owners, everyday good Kiwis. The toll is huge. It's mental, financial and physical. And it seems there's no sign of it slowing down.

National's police spokesperson Mark Mitchell told Newshub "the media are reporting exactly what crime is happening".

"By the way, after what you have seen, they are actually under-reporting. There's a lot more violent crime, violence happening in our communities and cities that's going unreported."

So Newshub asked Deputy Prime Minister and Auckland Minister Carmel Sepuloni just how bad is the crime in her city.

"Oh I wouldn't say it's bad at all," she replied.

She said new programmes and increased police numbers are combating the problem.

"Everyone in Auckland feels that there a number of things happening, particularly with ram-raids. Obviously, we have seen a decrease in those, we've seen an investment in young people but of course, it is front of mind for Aucklanders."

Raethel has already filmed more than 50 serious crime-related incidents this year, and he expects to film even more over the next six months.