'Degenerate' driver's behaviour slammed as 'illegal and unacceptable' by Auckland police

The behaviour of a driver who is frequently filmed speeding on Auckland motorways has been labelled "illegal and unacceptable" by police.

The person, whose username is @mbmmvii on TikTok, has two videos on their profile. One shows them driving across the Auckland Harbour Bridge and weaving in front of several cars before accelerating and zooming past other vehicles. The second shows them speeding down State Highway 20 in Māngere.

One of the clips was posted to Reddit, where users were quick to slam the "degenerate" driver.

"I hate people like this. Take it to a track and stop endangering other people," one person wrote. 

"What a f***ing peabrain," another said.

One user slammed the driver for taking such a risk on the road.

"There's no skill involved in this, it's a massive, wide, mostly straight road. All he's doing is putting everyone at risk, he thinks he's showing off but there's actually nothing impressive about it," they wrote. "I just fail to understand this whole idea, and I'm a huge Motorsport fan who used to take my car to the track regularly and go crazy."

Greg Brand, acting Road Policing Manager for the Auckland City District, said police "deplore" this type of "dangerous driving" and they take it very seriously. 

"It is illegal and unacceptable, and unnecessarily puts other people's safety at risk," Brand said.

"We are committed to keeping our community safe and we will not tolerate dangerous behaviour on our roads."

The public is asked to report any dangerous driving to police. People can also contact Crime Stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.