Worker 'shaken' after being 'dragged' into back of Auckland ice cream shop after man demands cash

Boozylato Ice Cream on Ponsonby Rd.
Boozylato Ice Cream on Ponsonby Rd. Photo credit: Google Maps

Police are searching for a man after he robbed an Auckland ice cream shop of cake and money and dragged a female worker, who was trying to escape, into the back of the store.   

Police said Boozylato Ice Cream on Ponsonby Rd was robbed as it was closing at around 8:45pm on Wednesday evening.   

Detective Senior Sergeant Scott Armstrong said a female worker tried to flee but the man chased and physically dragged her into the back of the building along with another female colleague.   

"He has taken money from a cash box and a slice of cake before leaving the premises on foot," Armstrong said.   

"The two workers were uninjured, but understandably shaken by the incident."   

Armstrong said police are following "positive lines of enquiry" but so far, the man hasn't been arrested.  

The store manager said she was out the back when the aggravated robbery occurred and added the man also stole the Valentine biscuit jar on the shop counter.  

"After I ran out the front when the girl told me what happened a male customer came into the shop and asked what happened and if everything was okay," the store manager told NZ Herald.   

She told the female staff member that she did the right thing in trying to hide during the robbery.   

"If this happens again, just give them what they want and don't fight because your life is more important than the money," she said.