Avondale Business Association calls on BurgerFuel to admit driver's fault in Santa Parade accident


A business group in Auckland wants BurgerFuel to do more than just blame a "mechanical fault" for one of its cars hitting people at a parade on Saturday.

The vehicle, which was part of the Avondale Santa Parade, rolled slowly into two pedestrians standing in front of the main stage.

The two pedestrians received moderate to serious injuries and were taken to hospital.

Three people - including two children - were also pulled from the BurgerFuel car and assaulted, receiving minor injuries.

Avondale Business Association Marcus Amosa said BurgerFuel should admit the driver's mistake, say sorry, and promise to fix things.

He said the vehicle was creating skid marks, raising concerns from the public about cars moving around in a small space where there were kids present.

A Whau Local Board member said she heard the MC of the Avondale Christmas parade yelling stop shortly before the car hit pedestrians.

Local board member Catherine Farmer was at the parade and described hearing the parade's MC yelling 'stop' and telling people to call an ambulance.

"The MC started yelling out 'stop, stop, go back, stop!' and then I heard him say 'we've got to get Fire and Emergency here, we've got to get ambulances,'" she said.

"And then there was just a general melee."

BurgerFuel was approached for comment.