Buyers beware: Farmers issues warning after fake Facebook page offers $3 Dyson vacuums

The fake Facebook page is selling the vacuum cleaners for an unrealistically cheap price.
The fake Facebook page is selling the vacuum cleaners for an unrealistically cheap price. Photo credit: Supplied

Farmers has issued a warning to online shoppers after a scam circulated on Facebook claiming to sell cheap Dyson vacuum cleaners. 

The advertisement, which was posted under the 'Farmers NZ' profile, described the "incredible vacuum cleaner" as being available for just $3 if purchased online. 

One woman, who spoke with Newshub, said she came across the page "claiming to be Farmers." 

She said the post was "scamming" Kiwis with $3 Dyson vacuum cleaners.  

The post includes several comments from people who claim to have purchased the product, and recommend it to others. She believes particular comments could are part of the scam. 

"Some of them have active profiles but there are their comments below confirming the delivery and stuff with photos of luggage," she said. "They claimed they received the vacuum cleaners," she said. 

"I received the package yesterday. The packaging is a bit damaged, but the vacuum cleaner itself is fine, without any damage," the suspicious comment reads. 

She said she was concerned at what she was seeing. "Are their accounts hacked as well?" she asked. 

Several Facebook users commented on the advertisement, expressing their excitement. 

"This is the best vacuum cleaner I've ever seen," one Facebook user commented. 

"It's not a vacuum, it's a miracle," one woman said. "Because of it, my husband started vacuuming the apartment on his own." 

"I just ordered it, you should place your order as soon as possible because the quantity is limited," one man said. 

Others speculated the price of the vacuum, with one woman asking "How is that even possible?" 

"Is such a vacuum available for $3?" she asked. 

Farmers said they were unaware of the scam and thanked Newshub for bringing it to their attention. 

"The offer of a vacuum cleaner for $3 is not a Farmers retail department store offer," Farmers Chief Financial Officer Michael Power said. 

He said people need to take extra care, especially when "the offer seems too good to be true". 

"Consumers need to make sure they are purchasing from a legitimate business, check the details of any URLs or links that are provided," Power warned. 

He said advice on how to spot a scam is provided under FAQ's on the website.