NZTA reveals Brynderwyn's major nine-week closure to kick off from February 2024

Closure dates have been revealed after months of anticipation for motorists.
Closure dates have been revealed after months of anticipation for motorists. Photo credit: Getty Images

The New Zealand Transport Agency has revealed the dates of the Brynderwyn State Highway 1 closure.

From February 26, the highway will be closed for more than two months while repairs are undertaken following severe weather events earlier this year, NZTA confirmed in a statement on Tuesday. 

The road will be closed from 26 February until 27 March, and open for six days over the Easter period.  

Closure will then start again on 3 April to complete the remaining work.  

"People have agreed with us that getting the road fixed for the medium term is critical and needs to be done as soon as possible," NZTA regional relationships director Steve Mutton said. 

Two closure windows were initially closed, one earlier and one later, which both had benefits and drawbacks for various groups, according to NZTA. 

NZTA initially proposed two closure windows; one earlier and one later, each with benefits and drawbacks for various groups.  

He said a total of 2,600 people provided feedback on the closure, and the result is a "hybrid option" catering to freight, tourism and the community.  

"We've had lots of great feedback about what we can do to support people and businesses during the closure," he said. 

Northland INC chief executive Paul Linton admitted the timing of the closure over the Brynderwyns is a "complex issue", but added the restoration works were "crucial to the region's economy". 

"Northland cannot afford another unplanned closure of the Brynderwyns as we experienced in early 2023," Linton said.  

He said safe detour routes will be available for people and goods, including the Waipu Cove route, SH12 and SH14.  

AA Northland District Council chairwoman Tracey Rissetto said while inconvenient, the works will extend the life of the Brynderwyn Hills road which is an "essential link for the region". 

"This work needs to happen - the Brynderwyns is a crucial link for the flow of people and goods in and out of Northland." 

She stressed the importance of having an alternative route between Northland and Auckland. 

"This alternative is needed urgently as the expected life of the current route after the planned works is no more than five to seven years," she said.   

Rissetto expects NZTA to have its detours well-established ahead of the closures. 

A detour campaign will begin in February to remind people that although SH1 Brynderwyn Hills is closed, Northland is still open via a number of alternative routes, NZTA said.